THE NINETIES (1990-1999)





On January 27th and the 28th, the State Board meeting was held in Gainesville, Ga. The meeting was called to order by President Mote. Bill Riley gave a report on the Special Olympics and David Frazier made a motion to donate $2,000 to the Special Olympics. Ricky Rich undated the membership on the upcoming State Lodge Brochure. Past President Dan Bishop stated that the balance of the Daddy Banks Memorial Fund is $9,700. Brother Mike Banks reported that the State Conference will be held on Jekyll Island on June 17th thru the 20th, at the Villas by the Sea resort. A motion was made by National Trustee Bill Peacock that each lodge accept the responsibility to pay the way of each lodge’s State Trustee to the conference and that if any lodge has a hardship, they should contact the State Lodge. The motion was passed.


President Bud Mote and Bruce Allen presented Mark Henderson of Lodge #21 with a charter for their lodge.


Day Two


Aubrey Bassett chairman of the By-Laws committee gave, his report which included changes in the State By-Laws that will be voted on at the State Conference.


1. The changes would be to form an “At Large” Lodge for members who live in an area not serviced by a subordinate Lodge.


2.  Add the National Trustee to the State Executive Board.


3.  To change the State Conference from every year to every two years.




On June 18th, the Georgia State Conference was held on Jekyll Island, Ga. The conference was called to order by Vice President J.D. Hawk. Second Vice President David Frazier gave his report on the FOP Wage Survey and passed out the new survey to the members. Inner Guard Ricky Rich presented the new State Lodge Brochure to the members. He stated that from the time the idea of a new brochure was announced, it became evident that there was a great demand across the state for such a publication. We were looking for something with a dynamic look to go with the Georgia State Lodge into the nineties. The brochure must be informative with a professional appearance to maintain the image of the Georgia State Lodge. We wanted an informational package to not only be a tremendous recruiting tool, but also inform our current members of the benefits available to them through the State and local FOP lodges.


Outer Guard Bruce Allen advised that two new lodges were formed and they are Lodge 21 and Lodge 81.



Nominations for Lodge Officers was taken as follows:


President – A. J. Mote

First Vice President – J. D. Hawk

Second Vice President – David Frazier

Secretary / Treasurer – Marlin Humphrey

Conductor – Larry Allen

Inner-Guard – Ricky Rich

Outer-Guard – Bruce Allen

Chaplain – R. E. Orr

Site – Deferred to next day.


A motion was made to suspend the rules and approve the nominations by acclamation. The motion was passed.


Constitution and By-Laws Chairman Aubrey Bassett presented the amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws. Attorney Eddie Hartness read the amendments.


1.- A new article XVI added to the constitution creating the “David P. Banks Memorial Lodge” which will be an “at lodge”, lodge for members that are not in an area with a subordinate lodge.


The new article as amended was approved.


2.- To amend article IV (Organization) changing the holding of the conference from once a year to every (2) years in the even numbered years.


The amendment was approved.


3.- To amend article V (Officers) to add National Trustee to the Board of Directors of the State Lodge. To also change the one year terms to two year terms and require the Executive Board to meet at least twice a year to include the alternate year between Biennial Conferences or in an emergency or at the call of the State President


The amendment was approved.



Day Two


The location of the next State Conference was brought back up and a motion was made to hold the next conference in Savannah, Ga.  The motion was approved.


National Trustee, Bill Peacock made a motion that each member be assessed $1.50 for one year for the National Lodges lobbing campaign. The motion was approved.


The installation of State Officers was performed by Immediate Past President Dan Bishop.


At the Post Conference Meeting David Frazier made a motion to sponsor one girl in the youth on parade for $475.00. The motion was approved.




On October 21st, an Executive Board meeting was held in East Point, Ga.


Vice President J. D. Hawk called the meeting to order. National Trustee Bill Peacock talked about the National Board Meeting he attended in Louisville, KY.  He told the members that the National By-Laws are being rewritten and each lodge will get a draft copy to review. Outer Guard Bruce Allen talked about the reactivation of the LaGrange Lodge. He also told the members that the State Lodge had a hospitality room at the POG meeting. Honor Guard Chairman Chester Powell informed the lodge that they had picked a uniform for the Honor Guard.



The Following lodge was chartered in 1990:


04/06/1990 --- Fitzgerald Lodge #81