On 02/04/72,  State Lodge Secretary/Treasurer John Cress notified State President Earl Kinsman that he was resigning and recommended that Pete Stafford of Savannah be appointed as his replacement. With the appointment of the new Secretary/Treasurer, the State Lodge established a strong record keeping system that continues on today.


On 02/20/72, a State Board Meeting was held in Macon.  The full board heard charges presented by President Kinsman regarding misconduct by the 1st Vice President.  By a majority vote the charges were dismissed and he was allowed to continue in his position.  Discussion was held regarding the signing of a new magazine contract.  Approval was given to sign a two year contract with Robert Thompson to publish the Georgia FOP News.  An election was held to fill the vacancy of Outer Guard that resulted from Brother Stafford assuming the Secretary/Treasurer position.  Brother J. J. Brown of Savannah was elected and sworn into office.  Discussion was held regarding site for State Conference in June.  Savannah was chosen with Columbus being the second choice.  Travel pay for State Officers was set at ten cents a mile.


On May 20th and 21st, a Pre-Conference State Board Meeting was held in Savannah at the Downtowner Motor Inn.  In the absence of the President and 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President Faulkner conducted the meeting.  A letter was read explaining the absence of President Kinsman and announcing that he would run for re-election as President.  Discussion was held regarding the need for State Lodge audit to meet federal requirements.  Regarding expenses for State Officers attending the Conference, it was decided that the State Lodge would pay actual cost for hotel room, $8.00 a day for meals, and ten cents a mile for travel cost.  It was decided that Attorney H. Norwood Pearce would not be retained and that the State Secretary/Treasurer should select an attorney that would be convenient for him in Savannah.  It was also approved to pay the Secretary/Treasurer $25 a month or $300 a year for his services.  It was approved to present Mayor Ronnie Thompson of Macon an award for his support of Police Officers.


The 3rd Annual Georgia State Conference was held on June 18th, 19th, and 20th at the Downtowner Motor Inn in Savannah.  The Conference Chairman, Brother J. J. Brown introduced Savannah Lodge President T.C. Walton who welcomed everyone to Savannah.  Mayor John Rousakis presented President Kinsman with a key to the city.  A discussion was held and it was decided to compensate State Trustees the same as State Elected Officers for their expenses at the Conference.  There was discussion on a legislative bill that proposed the setting aside of 2% of all insurance premiums for law enforcement benefits.  It was reported that the bill did not even get out of committee during the last session.  President Kinsman urged all members to support political candidates that favor law enforcement officers.  It was reported that the State Lodge made $4,053 off the proceeds from two magazines.  It was noted that Mr. Thompson was not at the Conference and that his attendance was part of his agreement in getting the magazine contract.  It was reported that the State Lodge send Governor George Wallace of Alabama a get well letter hoping a speedy recovery from the wounds he received in Maryland.  The following are the State Officers that were elected.


President W. E. Kinsman Columbus
1st Vice President Jim Tarver Cobb County
2rd Vice President C. B. Prince Macon
Sec/Treasurer D. M. Stafford Savannah
Inner Guard W. T. Etheridge Macon
Outer Guard J. J. Brown Savannah
Chaplain E. S. Goff Albany



The Treasurer's report indicated that the State Lodge had funds of $8,609.  A motion was made and passed that the President and 1st Vice President sent a quarterly report to the State Trustees on their activities.  A committee was appointed to investigate the magazine's operation.  It was reported that State Officers expenses for the State Conference totaled $1,091.  Brother Brown and Savannah were congratulated on the great conference that they put on.


On October 28th and 29th, a State Board Meeting was held in Fitzgerald at the City Hall.  Chief W. G. Fowler, President of Fitzgerald Lodge #16 introduced his members and welcomed everyone to his city.  Attorney Tom A. Edenfield was introduced as the new State Attorney.  He thanked the State Lodge on behalf of his firm and himself for the opportunity to be involved with our great organization.  Brother Peacock gave a report on plans for the 1973 State Conference to be held June 17th to 19th in Dekalb County at the Executive Park Hotel. President Kinsman stated that all lodges over one year old had to January 1st to submit their Constitution and Bylaws.  President Kinsman stated that the State Lodge should look into chartering a plane for the National Convention in Las Vegas.  He further indicated that contact should be made with Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee to see if they would be interested in sharing the cost of the charter flight. The committee investigating the magazine reported that publisher was hindered by local lodges not allowing calls to be made in their area. Also, the magazine is not receiving any information from local lodges for publication. It was determined little could be done if a local would not allow them in their lodge area.

The following lodges were formed in 1972:

05-21-72 ---- Wayne County Lodge #20
06-26-72 ---- Douglas/Coffee County Lodge #21
09-15-72 ---- Raymond D. Jackson (Lagrange) Lodge #22


On February 24th and 25th, a State Board Meeting was held at the Black Angus Motel and Restaurant in Columbus.  The meeting began in joint session with the Ladies Auxiliary. The area director for General Business Services, Mr. Herb Pervett, explained the requirements for non-profits to file federal tax returns. It was stressed that any lodge receiving $5,000 or more must file a federal 990 form. Mr. Pervett advised that he could be contacted with any questions in the future. President Kinsman explained the defined duties of each position within the lodge. Before the Ladies adjourned, discussion was held regarding the upcoming National and State Conference. It was decided that there would be no pre-conference meeting at the State Conference. After a short recess, the meeting resumed with discussion on the magazine. It appeared that many members were not pleased with the quality of the magazine. It was decided to let the State Attorney review the contract to determine if he had committed any violations. Before recessing the meeting, each lodge reported on their fund-raising efforts. When the meeting was called back to order State Officers gave their report. National Trustee told of his and Brother Stafford's visit to a Florida State Board Meeting. President Kinsman informed everyone that he was retiring soon from the Columbus Police Department. Brother Stafford reported regarding possibly chartering a flight to the National Convention in Las Vegas. Also, he informed everyone that he attended the funeral of a Florida State Trooper killed by two robbery perpetrators. Brother Polak gave a legislative report regarding the Police Officers Standards and Training Council. After discussion, it was motioned and passed to support legislation to include the State FOP President as a member of the POST council. Under new business, it was approved to buy the State Secretary a typewriter at a cost of $125. Before closing the meeting, it was passed to send a letter to the families of four Louisiana Police Officers killed by a sniper.

On June 14th - 16th, the 4th Annual State Conference was held at the Executive Park Motor Hotel in Dekalb County. The Conference Chairman was a young man by the name of W.E. Peacock, State Trustee from Dekalb County. An important action taken during the conference was the establishment of a Death Benefit for members in good standing. The benefit provided $200 for line of duty death and $100 for death by natural causes. The FOP voiced strong support for house bill 399 which provided for the establishment of the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council. The conference honored Columbus Police Officer Herman J. Riggs as Georgia FOP Officer of the Year. It was voted to make the presentation an annual event. Brother Stafford reported that the State Lodge had funds totaling $10,767.

The following State Officers were elected:

President C. B. Prince Macon
1st Vice President J. J. Polak Dekalb County
2rd Vice President A. B. Council Milledgeville
Sec/Treasurer D. M. Stafford Savannah
Conductor David Banks Macon
Inner Guard Joe Lancaster Fitzgerald
Outer Guard J. J. Brown Savannah
Chaplain Bert Goff Albany
National Trustee W. M. Clements Macon

Brother Polak who was Chairman of the legislative committee introduced State Senator Max Cleland of Senate District 55 in Dekalb County. Brothers Dyer and Peacock voiced a need for the FOP to focus on just a few pieces of legislation and not dilute our efforts in too many directions.

On November 3rd and 4th, a State Board Meeting was held in Savannah at the Downtowner Motor Inn. It was reported by the Organizational Committee Chairman, Brother Kinsman, that he was working hard to from a lodge in Manchester. Also, he was trying to get Lagrange current with per capita. It was reported by Secretary Stafford that the State Lodge would have to pay $3,000 plus 6% interest for funds due the IRS on ads sold in the State Magazine during 1971 and 1972. President Prince recommended that a bill be drawn to the state pay a $100 monthly supplement to each police officer. It was pointed out that Georgia was next to last in the amount of training required of police officers. Everyone felt better pay was needed for police officers. The meeting was recessed to the Pirate House Restaurant where Superior Court Judge George E. Oliver was the guest speaker. Prior to adjournment, Brother Ralph Pannell informed everyone regarding the firing of their Lodge President. On October 20,1973 Secretary Stafford send a letter to Mr.Ivey concerning the reinstatement of the Augusta Lodge.

01-31-73 ---- College Park / Clayton County Lodge #23
03-22-73 ---- L. D. Dismuke (Oscille) Lodge #24
05-30-73 ---- Thomas County Lodge #25
09-10-73 ---- Athens Lodge #26
10-06-73 ---- Golden Isles Lodge #27



On February 2nd and 3rd, a State Board Meeting was held at the Ramada Inn North in Brunswick. Under the legislative report, discussion was held on supporting a Bill of Rights for Police Officers. Also, it was reported that the National Lodge was working on legislation that would provide $50,000 for police officers killed in the line of duty. The organizational committee reported that efforts were continuing to form lodges in Manchester, Tifton and Camden County. Discussion was held regarding the progress of the new magazine's publisher. Brother Stafford advised that the magazine was preparing to call in Columbus. It was argued that the Columbus lodge should get half the money from calls to help with the upcoming conference expenses. Brother Polak stated that the magazine was welcome to call in Dekalb County. Its was pointed out by Brother Clements that the National Lodge had ruled that any money raised in a local lodge's area without permission, belongs to the local lodge.

The 5th Annual State Conference was held at the Airport Holiday Inn in Columbus. The State Lodge urged all members to encourage their representatives to support legislation providing $50,000 death benefit for officers killed in the line of duty. Dale Jablonski spoke regarding the publishing of the FOP Magazine. President Prince ran unopposed for reelection, but informed the membership that he was considering a new job. National Secretary William R. Bannister attended the conference and updated the members on the activities of the Grand Lodge. There was debate on establishing a Executive Board position for Chairman of the Trustees. However, it was defeated based on the debate of it being an increase cost for State Lodge. State Attorney Robert E. Baker addressed the delegates regarding the need to notify the State Lodge anytime a law suit is filed.

The following State Officers were elected:

President C. B. Prince Macon
1st Vice President J. J. Polak Dekalb County
2rd Vice President Williard Merritt Fitzgerald
Sec/Treasurer D. M. Stafford Savannah
Conductor David Banks Macon
Inner Guard W. E. Peacock Dekalb County
Outer Guard W. J. Benyard Savannah
Chaplain E. S. Goff Albany
National Trustee W. M. Clements Macon

Brother J. E. Dyer stated that Atlanta Lodge #8 was considering making a bid to host the 1977 National Conference. In July, less than one month after the State Conference, President C. B. Prince resigned due to his taking a new job. At the October Board Meeting in Savannah, it was determined that based on Roberts Rules that the 1st Vice President would assume the office of President and that the 2nd Vice President become the 1st Vice President. The position of 2nd Vice President was declared vacant and it was decided after debate to elect a replacement. An election was held and R. P. Jackson of Columbus was sworn into office.

The following lodges were chartered in 1974:

03-25-74 ---- Theodore Austin (Newnan) Lodge #28
11-24-74 ---- J. K. Shipp (Paulding County) Lodge #29



On March 22nd and 23rd, a State Board Meeting was held at the Sheraton Inn near Emory University in Atlanta. A legislative report was given updating the progress on national legislation that would create a $50,000 line of duty death benefit. Under sick and distressed members, a report was given regarding the firing of the Columbus Lodge President. After much discussion, President Polak appointed Brother Clements of Macon along with Brothers Jackson and Johnson of Columbus to investigate the matter and give a report at the State Conference. A vote was taken to authorize the Executive Board to provide assistance if urgent aid was needed before the conference. In further business, a report was given that outlined failed efforts to get Southside Lodge #4 reactivated. Brother Polak gave a report on the Labor Seminar held in New Orleans that was also attended by Brothers Stafford, Peacock, Harper and Wooten. These four members along with Brother Clements were named to the Labor Relations Committee. Bothers Dyer, Roberts and Beavers were commended for their legislative work during the last session. Also, a motion was approved to give each $25 to cover gas and travel expenses. Another motion was approved to make collective bargaining the top priority for the next legislative session. Brother Peacock reported that the magazine's advertising sells were up and that the Dale Corporation would coordinate their calling with local lodges if local officers would inform them on their calling schedule. It was emphasized that the State Lodge has no intentions of creating any problems by soliciting in local lodge territories. President Polak directed that anyone having any problems with the magazines solicitation to contact the magazine committee.

The 1975 State Conference was held at the Internationale Hotel in Atlanta. Much discussion centered on a strong legislative program with a focus on a labor agenda. Atlanta Lodge #8 reported on problems that they were addressing with the city's administration. An update was given regarding the situation involving the Columbus Lodge President. The magazine committee advised advertising sales were going good and they had been successful in working out complaints involving local lodge solicitation. There was debate regarding local lodge rights in limiting state solicitation in their area.

The following State Officers were elected:

President J. J. Polak Dekalb County
1st Vice President L. S. Johnson Columbus
2nd Vice President L. B. Adcock Rome
Sec/Treasurer D. M. Stafford Savannah
Conductor David Banks Macon
Inner Guard W. E. Peacock Dekalb County
Outer Guard W. J. Benyard Savannah
Chaplain E. S. Goff Albany
National Trustee J. J. Brown Savannah


The Ladies Auxiliary President Florence Taft of Columbus was named Lady of the Year. Other events of interest was the "Beer Bust" hosted at the pool with entertainment by the Travis McCollum Duo. The banquet guest speaker was Russell Owens and the evening's entertainment was a popular band called Rukus.

On October 11th and 12th, a State Board Meeting was held at the Holiday Inn in Rome. President Polak informed the members that an emergency Board Meeting was held in Nashville during the National Conference. The meeting was to address the immediate need for assistance by the Columbus Lodge to help with the ongoing case involving their President. The Board approved a $1,500 loan. An update was given on the condition of Brother Deavers of Dekalb County Lodge #10 who was recovering after being shot in the line of duty. Brother Banks made a motion to raise expenses to fifteen cents a mile and $10 per day for meals. After debate, it was passed. Further discussion involved when it would go into effect. A motion was made and passed to make it effective for the current meeting. It was approved to reimburse the Macon Lodge for Brother Banks expenses at the National Conference. There was a discussion held and it was voted to make Brother Kinsman Immediate Past President due to Brother Prince's employment outside law enforcement. Brother Stafford made a motionl for the State Lodge to do a Wage Survey Publication. After discussion, it was decided that work would be done to get the project started. Before adjourning the meeting, President Polak introduced National Conductor Barron who addressed the membership regarding national issues.

The following lodges were chartered in 1975

02-01-75 ---- Ellijay Lodge #30
03-16-75 ---- Eugene Barge (College Park) Lodge #31
03-24-75 ---- South Fulton Lodge #32
03-30-75 ---- Washington County Lodge #33
04-12-75 ---- Cartersville Lodge #34
04-24-75 ---- Carrollton/Carroll County Lodge #35
09-06-75 ---- Tifton Lodge #36
09-07-75 ---- Glynn County Lodge #37



On January 19th and a 20th, a State Board Meeting was held in Dekalb County. The minutes from this meeting could not be located. State Records indicate that President Polak met with House Speaker Tom Murphy on January 27th and the Mayor of Savannah who was President of the Municipal Association on February 11th to discuss the FOP legislative agenda. A follow up meeting was held with Speaker Murphy on March 11th and he was presented with a Lifetime Membership in the FOP.

From June 13th to 16th, the 7th Annual State Conference was held in Savannah at the Ramada Inn. Mayor John P. Rousakis and Chief David Epstein welcomed the FOP to Savannah. National FOP President Pat Stark was a conference guest. The credential committee reported that there were 80 registered delegates. The Treasurer reported that prior to conference that the State Lodge had funds of $18,745. It was noted that the magazine had produced $12,259 in net receipts since January. Further report indicated that operating expenses for the State Lodge for the same period was $14,983. Under membership, discussion was held regarding time frame for dropping delinquent lodges. Brother Frank Roberts advised that his legislative report was published in the magazine. Brother Stafford introduced Dale Jablonski during his magazine report. It was stressed to everyone, the importance of keeping mailing addresses current. Brother Wynne reported that the $2,000 line of duty death benefit did not include flying on department business. Skip Schrader of Boston Mutual Insurance spoke on the plan. Also, he presented a check for $2,000 to Brother L. S. Johnson of Columbus for delivery to the widow of Officer Robert Vining who was killed in the line of duty. In new business, a motion was defeated to prevent campaigning in the state magazine. In other business, Brother Harper of Atlanta brought up discussion on separating the office of secretary/treasurer. After very heavy discussion, Brother Jeter of Columbus made the motion to split the offices and Brother Haluka of Clayton County provided the second. The vote resulted in 24 votes to split the office and 42 votes against. Brother Banks of Macon then made a motion to raise the secretary's compensation $25 a month. The motion was seconded by Brother Henck of Dekalb County and passed. The election for State Officers were unusually competitive with every office except conductor and secretary/treasurer being challenged.

The following State Officers were elected:

President J. J. Polak Dekalb County
1st Vice President L. B. Adcock Rome
2nd Vice President C. M. Grant Macon
Sec/Treasurer D. M. Stafford Savannah
Conductor David Banks Macon
Inner Guard Bill Peacock Dekalb County
Outer Guard Howard Storm Clayton County
Chaplain R. E. Orr Savannah
National Trustee J. J. Brown Savannah

A motion was made by Brother Phillips of Rome to make Brother Goff a Honorary Chaplain. The motion was seconded by Brother Sims of Rome and passed. The newly elected State Officers were installed by National President Pat Stark. Prior to adjournment, committee assignments were made.

On November 13th and 14th, a State Board Meeting was held at the Sheraton Motor Inn in Albany. Brother Frank Roberts of Atlanta asked for a point of privilege when the meeting was called to order. He explained that the Atlanta Lodge's Board of Directors had recently endorsed a labor union called united Police Association. The union is affiliated with the AFL-CIO and his FOP Board had joined UPA. He wanted to know if the Atlanta Lodge was in violation of FOP By-laws. President Polak requested the By-laws Committee Chairman, Brother Bassett of Atlanta, to study the question and report back with an opinion later in the meeting. Brother Bassett deferred the issue to National Trustee Brown who contacted National President Stark for direction. In his later report, Brother Brown stated that the National President advises that no FOP Lodge can endorse a labor union. It was ruled that no action would be taken against the Atlanta Lodge or its' members. However, no local lodges were to endorse unions in the future. Brother Stafford reported that Dale Jablonski had been denied a solicitation permit by the City of Atlanta. After some discussion, the matter was referred to the attorney. Brother Kinsman of Columbus was appointed Chairman of the Historical Committee and he was approved $100 to purchase a book for recording lodge history. In discussing the cost involved in a State Conference, it was recommended that the host lodge set the registration fee for an amount that will cover all meals and activities. During the discussion, Brother Dyer made a motion that the State Conference be held every two years instead of annually to save money. His motion died for lack of a second. Brother Roberts of Atlanta recommended the following legislative agenda:

      1. Collective Bargaining with Binding Arbitration
      2. Police Officer Bill of Rights
      3. Government Tort and Liability Protection
      4. Habitual Offender Act
      5. State Supplementary Pay for Police Salaries
      6. State Wide Pension Plan

President Polak entertained a motion from Brother Peacock to investigate the feasibility of suing the Georgia Municipal Association for lobbying with public funds at the State Capitol. Motion was seconded by Brother Grant of Macon and passed. It was further decided to have the Secretary mail all state legislators a Christmas card. In new business, it was approved to purchase a reel to reel tape recorder to help the secretary with the minutes. Brother Kinsman thanked the Albany Lodge for hosting the meeting. It was recommended that local lodges discuss what they want in insurance benefits and how much cost that they are willing to pay.

The following lodges were chartered in 1976:

02-15-76 ---- Valdosta Lodge #38
05-26-76 ---- Gordon Robinson (Augusta) Lodge #39
07-27-76 ---- Clark County Lodge #40
08-11-76 ---- Gainesville/Hall County Lodge #41
08-22-76 ---- Henry County Lodge #42
09-28-76 ---- Northeast Mountain (Toccoa) Lodge #43



On March 12th and 13th, a State Board Meeting was held at the Ramada Inn in Waycorss. Tennessee State President Ken Ellis was a quest speaker. He advised that since he had retired from the Tennessee State Patrol, he had been selling commemorative badges and belt buckles. A committee was formed to work with the Ladies Auxiliary in merchandizing a belt buckle for the Georgia FOP. The attorney from the Gainesville Lodge gave a report regarding a legal matter. State Trustee Nick Moore requested legal assistance by way of a loan in the amount of $3,433. Brother Dyer of Atlanta made a motion to give Gainesville $800 and loan them $800. He further commented that they could seek further assistance at the State Conference in June. Brother Haluka of Clayton County seconded the motion and it carried. A member from Macon requested legal assistance on a job related incident. It was noted that he had spend $500 of his own money. After much discussion and several attempts to delay action to the State Conference, Albany Lodge #2, Karl F. Eidam Lodge #9, Dekalb County Lodge #10 and Glynn County Lodge #37 each contributed $100 to the brother. In other legal business, President Polak appointed F. Robert Raley of Macon and Eddie Hartness of Gainesville as State Lodge Attorneys. Both had agreed to work for a retainer of $1 a year. Past President Bassett introduced the idea of dividing the State into eight districts and having a director in charge of each district. After much debate, a motion was made and passed to end debate. At this point, a motion was made by Bother Dyer of Atlanta to better utilize State Trustees in the future in place of having the district directors. The motion was seconded by Brother Peacock and passed.

The 8th Annual State Conference was held in Macon at the Ramada Inn from June 15th to June 18th. National Secretary Bill Bannister was in attendance and was recognized by President Polak. The Magazine committee reported on a very strong letter from Atlanta Lodge #8 opposing solicitation by the State Lodge. After discussion and a meeting with the Atlanta Lodge, it was resolved that the situation would by referred to the National Lodge for mediation. Both sides agreed to accept the decision rendered by the Grand Lodge. In other magazine business, Secretary Stafford advised that the courtesy mailing list for the magazine needed to be reduced to stay within our mailing agreement. The Legislative Committee reported that it had been a bad year for us at the Capitol. Our main two bills, Collective Bargaining and the Police Officers' Bill of Rights, had no success. The History Committee Chairman Earl Kinsman reported on his progress in gathering information on the Georgia FOP. He advised that he was still trying to locate the first minutes. Brother Brown provided information about the upcoming National Conference in Rhode Island. Brother Knighton reported that due to that lack of response to the Wage Survey, he was recommending discontinuing the publication and mailing. Brother Blanton of Columbus made a motion to discontinue the wage survey with a second by Brother Atchley of Rome. After lengthy discussion, the motion was withdrawn and efforts would be increased toward obtaining information for the wage survey. Brother Kinsman stated that he had received no nominations for awards. Again the elections for State Officers were hotly contested. Brother L. S. Johnson of Columbus challenged President Polak's re-election.

The following State Officers were elected:

President J. J. Polak Dekalb County
1st Vice President C. M. Grant Macon
2nd Vice President T. L. Knighton Albany
Sec/Tresasuer D. M. Stafford Savannah
Conductor David Banks Macon
Inner Guard W. E. Peacock Dekalb County
Outer Guard E. E. Atchley Rome
Chaplain R. E. Orr Savannah
National Trustee J. J. Brown Savannah


President Polak called for unity of everyone elected and challenged every member to make the coming year successful. The newly elected State Officers were sworn into office by National Secretary Bannister. Brother Peacock noted that the State loge was never allowed a local lodge to lose money hosting a State Conference. However, he pointed out that the cost are getting out of hand. He made a motion that in the future the State Lodge is limited to $1,000 in covering conference cost. The motion was seconded by Brother Haluka of Clayton County and carried. Under good of the order, there was discussion that additional funds were needed for legal assistance and legislative. Brother Haluka made a motion that the per capita tax be raised from $2 to $3. The motion was seconded by Sister Etherige of Milledgeville and passed with Brother Peacock casting the only no vote.

On October 15th and 16th, a State Board Meeting was held a the Holiday in Swannee. Brother Goldhagen of Atlanta Lodge #8 gave a report regarding the cheating scandal involving promotions in their department. A resolution was drawn supporting the efforts of the Atlanta Lodge. Also, a motion by Brother Knighton of Albany authorized the State President to provide whatever assistance he deemed necessary to the Atlanta Lodge. The Legislative Committee reported that a bill was being introduced to raise court pay from $8 to $12. The committee advised that they would not be pushing the Collective Bargaining Bill this year. Also, everyone was informed that the that the "Police Officers' Bill of Rights" is currently tied up by the Judiciary committee. Under Good of the Order, Brother Childers of Savannah began a discussion on raising the meal allowance from $10 to $15. Brother Johnson of Columbus explained that he thought $10 was enough to cover the cost of meals. He made a motion that it not be changed. It was seconded by Brother Banks of Macon and passed. Also under Good of the Order, a lengthy discussion was held regarding some lodges allowing non-sworn personal to be FOP members. National Trustee Brown of Savannah reported a problem in Albany where record clerks were members of their lodge. He stated that this was illegal. Brother Brown asked State 2nd Vice President Knighton of Albany if the members were sworn officers. Brother Knighton tried to explain the situation and how membership is allowed in Albany. President Polak explained that he was familiar with the situation and noted that the Albany Lodge is on the eve of elections. He further stated that the matter being before the State Lodge was purely political. He ended the discussion by stating that the matter should be handled locally. As a matter of information, everyone was reminded that in the future to bring a legal aid request before the State Lodge, the request must be in writing and accompanied by the following:

  1. Local lodge minutes concerning the matter
  2. Any and all supporting documentation regarding the matter
  3. Current financial statement of the local lodge
  4. Minutes of any and all local legal aid committee meetings

Being no further business, Brother Johnson moved for adjournment. Seconded by Brother Grant and passed.

The following lodges were chartered in 1977

03-19-77 ---- Calhoun Lodge #44
04-29-77 ---- Alto Lodge #45
08-22-77 ---- Buford Correctional Institute Lodge #46